Resources for Foster Youth

Want to know your rights? Check out The Foster Child Bill Of Rights: The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families recognizes the following rights of children and youth in foster care. These rights are intended to guide the Department and its providers in the delivery of care and services to foster youth with the commitment to permanency, safety and well being. This Bill of Rights was developed by the Department's Youth Advisory Board.

Looking for a mentor? Check out Adoption and Foster Care Mentoring

- VStreet is all about life skills! Go explore their online curriculum. Apartment hunt, car dreams, private, money, medical, options to anger, and efficacy. Their getting ready easy curriculum is full of cartoons and real life stores. Users have their own personalized rooms, email address, appointment calendar, and private journal. There is also an art gallery with poetry and discussion boards. Agency members can manage their own communities, view members progress, add lessons, and build a real network among their youth."

- Foster Club's Transitions Toolkit: FosterClub, a national network supporting young people in foster care, has developed the FosterClub Transition Toolkit to help youth develop a plan for transitioning into adulthood. The Toolkit encourages youth to prepare their individual plan with the supportive adults involved in their lives, such as foster parents, teachers, or mentors, and is designed to help youth assess their assets, identify resources, and plan for life after foster care. The toolkit also provides a "Readiness Scale" for youth to track their progress in areas like finances, education, self care and health, career, life skills, and more.

- Kids' Clubhouseoffers programs in a variety of settings and serve children who have lost siblings, parents, and other loved ones. Kids' Clubhouse also provides presentations and in-services to the community.

- iFoster's Discount Program provide financial relief and opportunities for growth & learning for those in foster care. iFoster recently launched a free Member Discount Program. This program can save the average household over $4,500 a year with discounts at national and local retailers, grocery stores, healthcare providers (dental & vision), restaurants, movie theatres and attractions. They have over 60,000 discounts now with new discounts constantly being added. If you are a transition age foster youth (age 16 to 21), family (foster, resource, kin, guardian, adoptive) or organization (e.g. group home, transitional housing, CASA) supporting our children in foster care, you're invited to become a member and save!

- AdoptUSKIDS' shares stories from succesful foster care alumni Webpage: The mission of AdoptUSKids is two-fold: to raise public awareness about the need for foster and adoptive families for children in the public child welfare system; and to assist U.S. States, Territories, and Tribes to recruit and retain foster and adoptive families and connect them with children.

- Check Out Teen Central Net: Sometimes you need to get things off of your chest. With Teen Central you can write in whatever you're dealing with, problems, issues stories. What you say is completely anonymous and a counselor will respond within 24 hours. Try it out!

- Youth Communication: Youth Communication creates short, nonfiction stories that appeal to hard-to-reach teens. Teachers and other adults use the stories and related lessons to help students improve their reading and writing skills, and improve the social and emotional skills that support school success.

- Want to read a book from someone like you whom may have had similar experiences?The following books were written by successful foster care alumni:
     Harvard Graduate, Kimberly Snodgrass wrote;
     Things Happen For A Reason: Even Foster Care and Adoption

     Prestigious Author, David Pelzer wrote;
     A Child Called It, A Lost Boy, A Man Named Dave

     NFL Football Player, Michael Oher wrote;
     I Beat The Odds

     Camellia Network Co-founder, Vanessa Diffenbaugh wrote;
     The Language of Flowers

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of former foster youth obtain a
bachelor's degree.


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