Resources for Foster Parents and Guardians

Foster Parenting is difficult, it is not! We want you to be the best foster parent ever. To be the best, you must: have an awareness about the issues facing children in foster care, and know where the resources exist. We recommend checking out the Foster Youth Handbook and materials below.

Looking to become a foster parent? Check out Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) The Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) was founded in 1957 to find "a permanent place to call home" for children and teens in foster care in Massachusetts, including sibling groups and children who are traditionally harder to place. We do this by recruiting, educating, supporting and advocating for families throughout the adoption process.

- The Department of Children and Families provides training to enhance parenting skills to help foster parents meet the challenge of foster parenting through "Massachusetts Approach to Partnerships in Parenting" (MAPP).

- The University of Minnesota: Extension School has produced some incredible fact sheets and guides on parenting best practices, Parent Education. These are very general, but they are useful. Here's a link.

Want to help your child go to college? Learn about the FAQ's about The Foster Care Independence Act The National Foster Care Awareness Project is pleased to provide Frequently Asked Questions About the Foster Care Independence Act and the John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Program. We have tried to answer many of the questions we know to be on the minds of those who are working in states to implement these new services and supports for young people transitioning from foster care. We have limited ourselves to questions that we could answer without further instruction from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Here's a list of foster care, blogs. Many of them are written by current and former foster parents.


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Watch the video about our "Founding Story" that State Farm and AoL produced on Huffington Post.


If you have an idea to improve the foster care system, share with us and we will help you bring it to life.