About Us

We operated like a traditional nonprofit focused on helping foster youth develop skills, but we pivoted to become a continuous innovation platform in the child welfare space.We believe government needs helping innovating the child welfare system.

Our Values

Beneficiaries As Innovators. We believe beneficiaries should have a stake in developing innovative solutions intended to improve their own pain points. We see that there are lots of programs and resources for foster children in the nonprofit sector, but they is no organization capturing the voices of system stakeholders in a meaningful way that brings to life customer-centric innovations.

Rapid Continuous Innovation. We believe continue innovation enables mass customization for real time breakthrough products. Foster Skills exist to innovate the child welfare space. We started in the foster care vertical, but plan to move into the child care and juvenile justice space through acquisition of small nonprofits with interesting value propositions.

Turnaround Systemic Change. We believe that systemic change create equity. Just because it is doesn't mean it should be. We believe the world is much better when we're trying to systemically lift other people up. We adamantly believe that government can act in the best interest of the child by become service-focused and customer-centric. We exist to empower governments to improve their child welfare systems. We do not pretend to have antidote. We seek to learn of and design solutions that government can then implement to innvovate much faster.



of former foster youth obtain a
bachelor's degree.


Watch the video about our "Founding Story" that State Farm and AoL produced on Huffington Post.


If you have an idea to improve the foster care system, share with us and we will help you bring it to life.