Ma Foster Skills


Our Staff

Our backgrounds are diverse - from politics to finance, from education to design - but we are all here for the same reason. We know foster youth have immense potential to achieve, and it is our goal to unlock it. We believe in acting in the service of vulnerable youth and struggling parents, and we intend to keep our expectations high. We know that the smallest effort can have the greatest impact, and we are willing to put in that effort.

We believe in change. We believe in achievement. We believe in perseverance, support, and high expectations. We have the opportunity to shape lives, to build futures, to produce valuable, capable, productive citizens. We can create and be a strong support system for all vulnerable youth and families!


The Team

Marquis Cabrera

Founder and CEO

Momei Qu

Executive Director

Chris Padavano

Director, Compliance

Justine Fischer

Portfolio Manager

Karina Patterson

Portfolio Manager

Our Former Volunteers, Coops, and Interns

Eddie Vaisman

Software Engineer at Censio

Yonathan Medina

Analyst, Credit Suisse

Jose Orozco

MD/PhD Candidate at Harvard Medical

Kathy De La Cruz

Doctorate Student at Northeastern University

James Eggers

Fullbright Scholar

Bart Flaherty

Developer at Swipely

Alessandra Souroujon

Management Trainee, Panalpina

Julie White

Chemical Engineer, GE

Nick Fei

Masters Candidate at London Business School

Tommy Stiven

Information Technology Student at Wentworth Institute of Technology

Leila AtallahBenson

Marine Biology Major at Northeastern

Felicco Toney

Engineering Student at MIT

Luis Delgado

Web Developer at Northeastern

Nicholas Fjellberg

Manager, Product Visualization at COACH

Dorota Sernicki

Assurance Associate at PWC