Our Innovation Process

We believe the voice of foster youth, foster parents, and social workers, coupled with innovation frameworks, can improve the quality of the foster care system. Below are frameworks we have developed that include the customer's voice in our innovation process. Our Founder, Marquis Cabrera, developed the following copyrighted frameworks and models, which are copyrighted, to show the public how we take ideas from concept to reality and build customer-centric solutions that innovate the foster care system. to capture and scale customer-centric solutions. The below model provides a bird's eye view of our innovation process.

The concept-to-reality matrix illustrates how we take ideas and vett them to ensure they have the greatest impact to customers.

After ensuring a customer submitted and/or observed idea has viability and is needed in the marketplace, we use the Lean Rapid Prototyping Methodology to build (and interate on!) new innovations very quickly all the while incorporating user feedback.


of former foster youth obtain a
bachelor's degree.


Watch the video about our "Founding Story" that State Farm and AoL produced on Huffington Post.


If you have an idea to improve the foster care system, share with us and we will help you bring it to life.