Our Signature Innovations

What is our Got Skills Workforce Program?

Most foster youth are homeless and jobless. We believe teaching them skills that will allow them to get a job and a place to stay is the best way to start helping them beat the odds. Our hope is that they will want to succeed at their job and get promoted; then they will be encouraged to get more education.

While we must champion access to education, it is important to note that most foster youth can not focus on learning without having their basic needs met first. Many of the foster youth we have worked with have dropped out of college because they needed to pay their bills, unfortunately government subsidies often times were not enough. This is why we received the mentorship of Year Up and are hard at work piloting a program with the fiscal sponsorship of Northeastern University intended to help older foster youth become career ready. Recently, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and State Rep. Gloria Fox put together a video that supports our innovative efforts to create multiple career pathways for vulnerable youth whom age out of foster care.

We have created writing, math, and computer skills tests on Smarterer that are approved by employers. We have also worked with employers to create direct pathways to the workforce for foster youth. Research shows: If a child is able to communicate (write) and think critically (math), they can succeed in the workplace, especially with basic computer knowledge. These are transferable skills that will entice employers to hire our kids in foster care. We will then, secure dress clothes; put on career panels, networking events, and set-up rides for foster youth to get to interviews. If you're interested in hiring foster youth, email us at info@fosterskills.org.

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