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Every child deserves the chance to succeed. We are doing our part to make that happen. Foster Skills addresses a simple fact: today's foster youth, through no fault of their own, are paying the price for either the shortcomings of individuals, or systemic inaction and imprudent action--and many times both. Developmentally unprepared and with few guaranteed supports, many foster youth will go on to present enormous challenges to their communities.
Foster Skills aims to shape lives and build futures by helping foster youth beat odds and grow into productive citizens. We empower foster youth to beat the odds and achieve life success.

Foster Skills is a non-profit organization.We rely on donations from people like you to be able to provide education and support to at-risk youth. The future of our children is dependent on your generosity. All donations are used to sustain our programs and improve the lives of foster youth. We sincerely appreciate your support--with every donation, the future grows brighter for foster children. Thank you for making a difference.

Foster Skills will be using a third party organization to process donations in the future. To make a tax-deductible donation now, send an email to

$100 ENABLE Champion Award
$100 MyHome ENABLE Champion Award
$100 Got Skills? ENABLE Champion Award
$500 ENABLE Dinner to Our Annual Gala
$500 MyHome ENABLE Dinner to Our Annual Gala
$500 Got Skills? ENABLE Dinner to Our Annual Gala
$750 Sponsor a SharkTank-like event ENABLE Foster Skills IPO + Dinner to Gala
$1000 Sponsor media advertising for IDEA Campaign ENABLE Ideator Award
$1500 ENABLE Innovator Award
$1500 MyHome ENABLE Innovator Award
$1500 Got Skills? ENABLE Innovator Award
$3000 ENABLE Foster Skills IPO
$3000 MyHome ENABLE Foster Skills IPO
$3000 Got Skills? ENABLE Foster Skills IPO
$5000 Sponsor a vacation ENABLE Foster Skills IPO + Dinner to Gala
$10000 Foster Skills ENABLE Board Membership

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of former foster youth obtain a
bachelor's degree.


Watch the video about our "Founding Story" that State Farm and AoL produced on Huffington Post.


If you have an idea to improve the foster care system, share with us and we will help you bring it to life.