What We Do

Foster Skills champions governments efforts to innovate the child welfare system by democratizing innovation. We use our skills to launch new products intended to improve the foster care system by:

1. Rapid prototying news ideas intended to improve the child welfare system.
Every 8-12 weeks, we incentize the general public to submit ideas intended to improve the child welfare system. Thereafter, we ask our community of experience experts--foster youth, foster parents, and child welfare experts--to rank the ideas. This is particularly helpful to get feedback before pain point evaluation and prototype development. Then, we co-design new innovations with beneficiaries that we take to market.

2. Incubating startup concepts that surface from hackathons.
After we host hackathons or participate in ones, we incubate concepts that have a market opportunity. For example, FosterCard is a concept that was developed at the StartingBloc's Social Innovation Challenge.

3. Using human-centered design to develop solutions to learned of pain points.
We champion governments efforts to innovate the foster care system by turning beneficiaries into innovators. We talk or hangout with experience experts (i.e. foster kids, foster parents, child welfare experts, etc.), learn of their problems, and develop market solutions for them. For example, our Got Skills? Foster Youth Workforce Program birthed after talking with foster youth.

4. Consulting child welfare startups in child care, juvenile justice, and foster care spaces.
We work with child welfare changemakers to develop their bandwidth to increase their impact, especially ones that are touch points to the foster care system. For example, we have been consulting Luggage for Love.

5. Creating widespread awareness about the issues facing foster youth.
We use missioned-based, content marketing to bring attention to the issues facing foster children need to be brought to the national platform, so best practices can be formed, and champions can be recruited to the cause. Foster Skills helps youth share their stories across the country.



of former foster youth obtain a
bachelor's degree.


Watch the video about our "Founding Story" that State Farm and AoL produced on Huffington Post.


If you have an idea to improve the foster care system, share with us and we will help you bring it to life.